About Us

Warriors of the Word

We are a community of poets who believe in the power of words and connection.


Our Story

Just as it takes many letters to form words and fill the pages of a book, Move Me Poetry is a collaborative effort of poets from around the world working together to create a community that seeks to support one another through our love of poetry.

The faces you see below are just a few of the fabulous contributors to our ever-growing community. We volunteer our time because we truly believe in the power of words and the value of community. When you feel seen, we all feel seen. 

MMP CEO & Founder: The person who started it all


JD Greyson

Between a degree in Counseling Psychology and working in corporate America, JD has done a bit of everything. But from these experiences, she learned that people are her passion.

As a lover of words and the way they move her soul, Move Me was always a dream. But with a touch of universal magic and a ton of hard work, that dream became reality. 

To JD, home is wherever her three boys and husband are.

A special thank you to Karl Whittaker for helping get this website started & our fellow Movers for assistance in building this dream & helping me believe in me.

Meet The Team

Behind the Scenes

We also have many Movers working behind-the-scenes like: Lee Dunn, Chris Papps, Britton Waif, & Sharon Toman