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Thank you for showing love by giving love!!!

You are just three easy steps away from helping Move Me grow & showing love to someone in your life!

Step 1: Choose an option

Option 1:

You send us a short poem and we will make it into a pretty e-card for your Valentine.


Option 2:

You send us some details about your special Valentine and we'll write a short poem and make it into a pretty e-card.


Option 3:

Choose one of the above options and opt to add a video shout out via Twitter on Valentine's Day where we read your poem to your special someone, pet, or plant from one of us here at Move Me. If you choose this option, be sure to add your Twitter handle to the email so we can tag you.

Step 2: Make A Donation
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Starting Suggested Donation: $5

Step 3: Fill Out The Contact Form

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