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In case you didn't already know, Move Me Poetry has a Medium publication where our dedicated team of editors handles any and all submissions from poets (aspiring and veteran). From guiding new writers through our process, to helping all writers tweak and perfect their writing into truly moving pieces of poetry — they're the heart and soul of MMP. Every now and then, one of these pieces is so moving that they select it as an editors choice. 

While we consider every single poem we publish to be a work of art, these are the cream of the crop and the very best of what we have to offer our readers. Check out the MMP Editors Choice feed on Medium to get an idea of what's been moving us in the last few months, or else browse @MMPEditorChoice on X (formerly Twitter) to see what has always moved us. 

MMP Editors Choice's on Twitter

Please note that because of changes to how X (formerly Twitter) works, you have to be logged into your X account to view this feed live on our website. 

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