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We give you a prompt on Wednesday.

On Friday, you battle!

After years of hosting poetry battles on Twitter, we've steadily collected the most supportive writing community around. Our Movers spread kindness and love, providing a nurturing environment for writers to grow and develop their skills.


Every Wednesday we supply you with a prompt and on Friday, you supply us with a gorgeous, moving poem. While you comment and like your fellow battler's work, we,   along with some of your peers, will scour the entries to find ones we'd like to highlight for that week. The idea is to eventually highlight each participant's work at least once a year.

Need further convincing? Alright then. Have we mentioned that we will respond to as many entries as we can with a short bit of feedback? Whether in video form or a simple reply, we will make sure you know exactly what we thought of your poem, which we think is critical for any writer's development. We pay special attention to those poets and entries who don't have a lot of feedback already, as well as newcomers to the MMP community who are still finding their way. 

Carefully read the guidelines below, then when you're ready, click the link at the bottom of the page or find us on Twitter to get involved! We're dying to see what you have in store for us, but remember...

Don't just tell me, Move Me!


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