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Out with the Old, In with the New.

You give value to publications, not the other way around.

Have you ever wondered how your “it” publication came to be so revered and influential? The answer is simple yet often unconsidered. It’s because of you. Without you, your submissions, and your desire to be published in that publication, it would be just another small press.

With that in mind, we at Move Me Poetry often wonder: why is it when someone puts time and effort into their submissions, the submissions that built these publishing powerhouses, the response given arrives eight months later as a stale and indifferent form rejection. And that’s if they chose to reply at all. Why is this the norm? Why are we okay with this?

Dear Publications — we are currently putting you on notice. Your former rejects, now rebels, have decided to make their own publication and are here to change the game. We see your form rejections and long submission response times and we raise you our movement!

Unlike the others, we are willing to match the effort and care you put into your words! Send us your best and we will send you away with a few things we enjoyed about your piece or maybe a few pointers of what we would’ve liked to have seen, even if we choose to not publish your work. Your hard work deserves to be recognised and we are here to do just that!

And in turn, we hope that you will be moved by how differently we run things that you tell everyone about Move Me, making it the new standard for publications to strive towards.

For now, we are only publishing online, but foresee big things in the future. As current members of CLMP (Community of Literary Magazines and Presses), we have the ability to nominate your work for literary awards, the ability to network for larger exposure, and access to beneficial resources to help further your success.

Up to this point, the publication world has had it backwards. We are nothing without your words. You — you are the gift here! Your words, your talent, your passion, that’s what the world needs more of. We are just the conduit.

So join us in our pursuit to change the publication world! Help us move Move Me Poetry to become the standard by which all publications handle writers and not the exception.


Move Me Poetry

Co-founders JD & Karl

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