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Show Love By Giving Love: A Valentine's Fundraising Effort

Photo by Rustam Mussabekov on Unsplash

Show Love By Giving Love

Giving is at the heart of everything we do here at Move Me Poetry.

We give our time, our knowledge, and most importantly, our love, with the hopes that you and others might know just how valuable you are in this world. We wanted to be more than just a prompt, more than just a publisher, we wanted to be a movement that brings our collective together as a community to carry on the love of poetry for generations to come.

But in order to accomplish this, we need hearts that are willing to give back, too.


You see, often, budding poets come from traumatic backgrounds. Take me (JD) for instance. I grew up in an abusive home, received public assistance, and although I was a straight A student, I never went on to college until later in life due to my circumstances at home.

For me, poetry was my therapy. It was my means of trying to communicate with the world what was happening to me by way of figurative language. Ethan Hawke said it best in the below video. He said when we go through life-changing experiences we say, "‘Did anybody feel like this before? What is happening to me?’ And that’s when art’s not a luxury—it’s actually sustenance. We need it.”

Our Vision

We have big dreams here at Move Me Poetry! We'd love to someday hold workshops to help low-income communities learn to express themselves via poetry. We'd love to diversify our literature with authenticity, not pigeon-hole writers to fit inside boxes. We'd love to provide free resources such as hands-on experience and mentorship to help poets grow and learn the publishing route, whether it's Indie or Traditional. And, of course, our list of visions goes on and on.

But we can't do that without your help.

This Valentine's Day consider showing love by giving love.


The Details:

Starting today until February 5th,

you have the opportunity to choose three ways to give love.

Option 1:

You send us a short poem and we will make it into a pretty e-card for your Valentine.

Option 2:

You send us some details about your special Valentine and we'll write a short poem and make it into a pretty e-card.

Option 3:

Choose one of the above options and opt to add a video shout out via Twitter on Valentine's Day where we read your poem to your special someone, pet, or plant from one of us here at Move Me. If you choose this option, be sure to add your Twitter handle to the email so we can tag you.

What we need from you:

Please visit our website at Fundraiser | Move Me Poetry and follow the three easy steps!

Please include which option you choose, the items requested per chosen option (i.e. your poem, personalization like their name, favorite food, color, whatever you choose), and the email address of your Valentine.

In turn, we will email your Valentine on February 14th. If you are participating from a different country other than the US, please indicate it on your email with your location so we can plan accordingly for your day.

Who wouldn't love a poem for Valentine's Day?!!!

Donation Info:

Our suggested donation starts at $5.

Of course, you are welcome to give whatever you want to, but it was important to us to make sure that everyone that wanted to participate could.

Thank you for being part of helping our community continue to grow!!!

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