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Winners of Move Me Monthly, Vol 1

What a wild ride this first month has been. We launched/branched across all major platforms, witnessed the brilliant skirmishes of our first two #MMPoetryBattles, and hosted our first ever cash prize contest, Move Me Monthly.

From there, we watched as all of you came together as a band of #Movers to spread the love of poetry and community in our first #MMPKickabout. You took the Writing Community by storm as you tagged people and took to video, reading the poetry of your peers. We are in awe of your spirit and dedication to creating movement in this shared space. All we can say is thank you for all of your support throughout, and for your continued commitment to the best poetry community around!

All who entered the contest will receive an email with details about what we loved and would have liked to have seen regarding your contest submission. It was a pleasure reading each of your words. If you want to get involved and potentially win the next contest, click here.

Enough chatter, let's get to who will be taking home that delicious $100 prize, as selected by our special guest judge, Sabina Laura! We couldn't have asked for a more amazing and supportive first guest judge. She went above and beyond and provided incredible feedback regarding contest entries.

The honourable mentions are as follows:



Eden by K.P. DeLaney (@kpdela):

like a drug,

she impels me

to taste her.

so high and

out of range,

this love;

this different

kind of strange,

is everything

I need to stop the shake.

this elusive drug,

in the well, so deep

inside of her.

I lie

still; awake;


by the venom

in her fangs;

sweat bleeding

through cracks from the quake.

this fucking drug...

swapping sleep

for thoughts of her.

eyes red in disarray.

bergamot and tangerine

attempt to diffuse the syndromes

in my brain.

still feasting, feeding,

on forbidden apples;

I shake hands with the snake.

This piece is a great example of originality. The judges not only thought the poem was impactful and consistent, but its rhyme gave a fantastic and almost frantic pace that really enhanced the reader's experience.

Eudaimonia by Steph Thompson (

What is all this chasing after?

Futile musings…

…endless chatter?

Scattered, our society — 

spaced apart

no room to breathe.

Or see, the time as it escapes us

minds a blank, too numb to discuss

what it is we’re truly thinking.

Caught inside the walls, 

we’re shrinking—

sinking far

from our intentions

lost within a false dimension.

Deceived into believing lies.


A brand of happiness disguised

as something to be taken, hoarded,

captured, sold, and then extorted—

rather than a priceless treasure,

by the world’s standard, we measure.

Empty pots of hollow gold,

a peaceful mind is what we’ve sold.

What impressed us the most with this perfectly paced and well thought-out piece was how the author brilliantly integrated meaning and emotional responses throughout. Our guest judge particularly loved the unique word choices and formatting that was not only decorative, but had purpose and enhanced the writing.

Autumns Wing by Ann Bagnall (@annieb222):

Autumn’s inexorable sword, through branches cleaves

Helpless, trembling trees, weeping burning leaves

Cries of mourning doves, haunting the eaves

Disappearing in darkening skies, leafless boughs despair

Clinging fast to our shadows, we two, drifting, a pair

Leaf touching leaf, silence, slow dancing on air

Whispers of endings, clangour, and chaos, everywhere

Now ‘when’ is the question, it is no longer ‘where’

Fall’s lost amber and my soul, will both rest here

When our seasons, finally, have torn me asunder

It is autumn’s wing, they will find me under

Impactful, consistent, and very nearly the winning poem. The imagery throughout this piece was expertly crafted with interesting and original word choices to transport the reader into the writer's vision. Format also played its part with our guest judge, and the loss of the third line in the stanza left her with an eerily abrupt ending, which for her added depth.

From what we can see this contains triplets, which are tercets that have three rhyming lines. In this example, hers are mono-rhymed following an AAA, BBB, BBB format. The last two lines are couplets.

And now without further ado, the winner is...